Wait, an Outline, or Solid Shaded?

Girl: I bet he would.
Friend: No, he wouldn’t.
Girl: I’ll call him now. [Dials] Hey, honey. Quick question: if I had a tattoo of a dick on the inside of my thigh about half an inch away from my pussy, would you lick it? [Pause] No. I said ‘if’… Well, no, I’m not saying it’s totally out of the question… Fine. We’ll talk about it when I get home. [To friend] See? I told you he would! Bus stop
Chicago, Illinois Overheard by: Dana

Ooo, You Think?

Likely-lesbian library monitor: Well, I thought I might as well just make money on it, since I'm going to be here studying anyway.
Likely-lesbian friend: Yeah, it's the same way with pot. I'm smoking it and I have it around all the time so I might as well sell it.
Likely lesbian library monitor, after long pause: You're going to be a prostitute. College Library
Upstate New York Overheard by: Frhetoric Douse