…By Lying

Guy #1: I was supposed to interview my grandma for my sociology project, but I didn't. I'm going to have to like, make up her life right now.
Guy #2: Why didn't you interview her?
Guy #1: Well, she lives in Oregon, and you know, the time change…
Guy #2: Dude, there's no time change from here to Oregon.
Guy #1: I know that, shut up! I'm trying to make myself feel better. University of Washington
Seattle, Washington Overheard by: Beatrice

You're Both Right!

(little girl): Mommy, why are you fat?
*plane bursts out laughing*.
(mom): You made me fat! But I love you anyway.
(little girl): No … I think just you ate lots of food. Flight from LA to Seattle Overheard by: Face