I’m Tryin’ to Cause a Scene Over Here!

College dude: She needs to get her fuckin’ face smashed in. She’s such a stupid bitch.
Friend: Who?
College dude: Janet*. I fuckin’ hate her. This is fuckin’ bullshit. [To other friend across the library] Hey, shut the fuck up down there!

577 Western Avenue
Westfield, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Annie

Senility Jane Goes to College

Girl #1, studying: I don’t want to do this anymore! In five years I’m going to be dead and I won’t care.
Girl #2: You won’t be dead in five years.
Girl #1: Well, I’m going to be really old and I’m not going to care anymore.
Girl #2: You’re not going to be old and you will care.
Girl #1: Wait… What? Care about what?

SUNY Cortland
Cortland, New York

Overheard by: Stephanie