…Bong Hits All Around!

Professor: I have no idea how we got onto this discussion, class. Does anyone know what we're supposed to be talking about?
Class: (silence, then soft giggles from back of the room)
Professor: Well, we accomplished nothing today. But it's okay!, 'cause (raises his voice in excitement) I had fun!

Richland Center, Wisconsin

Overheard by: CollegeIsn'tSoBad

Good Thing “Shut Up, You Cow” Is Easy to Convey with Body Language

Large white lady to small Mexican husband: I’m bleeding. [Pokes hubby, who ignores her.] Heyyy, I’m bleeding from my neck! Don’t you care?! [Hubby puts headphones on and looks out window.] I wish I knew you didn’t speak English before I married you!


Overheard by: corwin

Stop Wearing Those Stiletto Boots and Bra-tops and We'll Talk

Communications professor: I mean, I can offer you a dollar for sex or I can offer you a million dollars. You're still a prostitute. We're just haggling over price.
(some female students giggle)
Communications professor
: What? Oh, you're laughing because I called you whores?

Otago University
New Zealand